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The team at Nordic Surrogacy - About us
Part of the Swedish team in Stockholm working on egg donation and surrogacy.

Nordic Surrogacy is one of Europe’s leading surrogacy and fertility service providers. We offer complete and comprehensive guarantee programmes and accompany you as a prospective parent throughout the process.

Nordic Surrogacy is a full-service partner with its own clinic agreements, shorter waiting times, greater flexibility and not least a value base characterised by sound principles. Since our inception, we have helped more than 100 children into the world.

We also collaborate globally with major fertility clinics, lawyers and specialists. We handle the various parts of the process and guide you through this incredible journey – with the ultimate goal of making your dream of having a child come true.

Nordic Surrogacy was founded in 2016

The Nordic business entity, Nordic Surrogacy AB, was founded in 2016 by Eduardo Afonso, who himself had a child through a surrogacy process. The vision was to help infertile people in the Nordic countries through surrogacy and egg donation.

Over the years, we have made great efforts to help transform public opinion on surrogacy as a means of creating a family, in part through dialogue with lawmakers, opinion pieces and through public appearances.

Since 2023, we have established ourselves in southern and central Western Europe and continue our expansion.

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