About the surrogacy process – how does it work?

About the surrogacy process - how does it work - Nordic Surrogacy

Surrogacy – how does the process work?

The surrogacy process is the most amazing, challenging and astounding journey you will take. We have gone through it ourselves, and guided hundreds of other prospective parents through their own journeys.

The surrogate mother

The surrogate, or host mother, is often referred to as the surrogate mother.
The surrogate mother is the woman who will help you fulfil your dream of parenthood. All surrogate mothers working with Nordic Surrogacy comply with the laws and regulations of each respective country and have undergone screening, medical and psychological tests and preparation for the process.

Meeting your needs

But what does the journey involve? And in what order does it happen? Every journey is unique. It varies according to the needs of the prospective parents and will be mapped out during our initial meeting. Some prospective parents require egg donation, while other use their own eggs.

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