Egg donation in surrogacy

Egg donation in surrogacy - Nordic Surrogacy

Nordic Surrogacy offers a wide range of egg donors as part of our surrogacy programmes. The donor’s nationality depends on the programme. The prospective parents choose egg donation depending on their programme.

Egg donor screening

All egg donors go through psychological and medical screening that includes genetic profiling of the donor and medical tests to verify the suitability of the egg for the surrogacy process. All donors are anonymous. The prospective parents receive comprehensive information about the donor, including photographs and a medical profile.

Egg donation & surrogacy in Georgia

The egg donors come from Georgia and are young women whose health, medical history and habits are evaluated through psychological and medical screening. Screening is done by the clinic and to ensure that she is able to participate in the programme.

Prospective parents are presented with a selection of profiles that match their preferences. The egg donor’s profile is anonymous and contains detailed information about her medical health, interests, education and includes recent photos.

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Egg donation & surrogacy in Colombia

The egg donors from Colombia, and travel to the clinic for egg extraction. All donors are young women who undergo extensive medical screening and genetic testing, blood tests and examinations.

All profiles contain recent photographs and information about the donor, the donor’s health and medical history.

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Egg donation & surrogacy in the United States

Our US egg donors are only relevant to the American surrogacy programme. Donor profiles are sent to the prospective parents.

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Egg donation & surrogacy in Ukraine

Because of the war we have suspended the programme in Ukraine.
Our Ukrainian egg donors can be selected for surrogacy programmes in Ukraine. The donor is selected from our website.

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