Surrogacy in Ukraine for married couples

Surrogacy in Ukraine for married couples - Nordic Surrogacy

Become a parent through surrogacy in Ukraine

Nordic Surrogacy has no ongoing surrogacy arrangements in Ukraine since the outbreak of the war between Ukraine and Russia. The safety of everyone involved is our top priority. Under prevailing circumstances the preconditions for operating in the country cannot be met.

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We offer complete and comprehensive guarantee programmes and accompany you as prospective parents throughout the process with our coordinators. Customised programmes to suit you are designed in collaboration with renowned doctors in some of the world’s best and most cutting-edge clinics.

Who is this programme right for?

In Ukraine you can become parents if you are a married heterosexual couple. The surrogacy programme in Ukraine is not an option for same-sex couples or single people. Preconditions for starting a surrogacy process include medical reasons or that multiple IVF attempts have been unsuccessful. Contact us to learn more in a no-cost consultation.

Egg donation

Egg donation is done in leading IVF and fertility clinics in Kiev, Ukraine.

The surrogate mother during pregnancy and delivery

Our surrogate mothers come from Kiev and the surrounding area and are treated during pregnancy at one of our partnering clinics in Kiev, Ukraine. The surrogate mother is monitored at the respective clinic during pregnancy and delivery.

The health and well-being of the surrogate mother are the highest priority. The pregnancy plan is strictly followed, with monthly ultrasounds, NC (Nuchal Translucency) and GTT (Growth and Glucose Metabolism). Return visits to the clinic take place every two weeks for general monitoring.

After birth the journey home begins

After birth, the legal process of confirming paternity using DNA begins in Ukraine. During this period, we guide you as prospective parents through every step and have our own legal expert at hand.

Cost for surrogacy programmes

Our surrogacy programme in Ukraine starts at 51,150 USD, including all agency fees. All payments are made in US dollars.

  1. Existing embryos: 51,150 USD
  2. Own eggs: 55,000 USD
  3. Single guarantee programme: 62,500 USD

We strive to keep all costs as low as possible, but the safety and well-being of the surrogate, the baby and the prospective parents must always come first.

We only work with the leading clinics, doctors, legal experts and insurance companies. Our costs are among the lowest on the market for comparable services.

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