Surrogacy in Colombia for LGBTQ

Surrogacy in Columbia for LGBTQ - Nordic Surrogacy

Who is this programme right for?

Our surrogacy programme in Colombia provides a unique option for same-sex couples, heterosexual couples, single men and unmarried couples looking for a cost-effective process.

In Colombia there is no requirement for a documented medical reason for involuntary childlessness. Nor is there any requirement for one to be married or in a domestic partnership. We offer programmes using your own embryo, own eggs, or an egg donation guarantee programme.

Every journey is unique and the programme you choose depends on your own personal circumstances and preferences.

Whatever your background, we have many years of experience in assisting, guiding and supporting prospective families on their journey to parenthood. The surrogacy process and the criteria for who can go through the process are subject to regulation for the purpose of safety and security.

Which programme you choose depends on your individual preferences and circumstances. Our free introductory consultation will help you make the choice that’s right for you.

What makes Nordic Surrogacy the choice for prospective parents

We are a full-service agency and will assign you a personal coordinator to guide you through the entire process. We handle the practicalities and are always there along the way to answer your questions and provide you support. This lets you focus on becoming parents.

We bring you a full-coverage service in all our programmes. We are always striving to offer competitive prices for comparable services. Working directly with the clinic lets us do just this by eliminating the added costs of working with intermediaries.

The surrogacy process is safe and secure for all parties involved from both a legal and medical perspective. This applies for the surrogate, the child and the prospective parents. Local legal support in Colombia is included in all programmes.

Dedicated coordinator on site in Colombia

Andrea Bautista is our local surrogacy coordinator in Bogotá, Colombia - Nordic Surrogacy

Andrea Bautista is our local coordinator in Bogotá.
Andrea is employed at Nordic Surrogacy and will work to make your stay in Bogotá a smooth and unforgettable experience. Together with the rest of the team, Andrea seeks to give you as prospective parents a professional experience based on trust, reassurance and attention to detail at every stage of the process.

Surrogate mothers in Colombia

The health and well-being of the surrogate mother are the highest priority. The surrogate mothers participating in the programmes are primarily from Bogotá, capital of Colombia. In the initial stages, the clinic conducts a comprehensive medical and psychological screening to ensure the surrogate’s eligibility for the programme. Once a surrogate is matched with you as prospective parents, further treatment and follow-up of the surrogate mother takes place in Bogotá.

The surrogate mothers reside in Bogotá, Colombia. They have given birth to at least one child of their own, and have undergone comprehensive examinations, serology and blood tests, as well as additional tests to ensure that their general health situation is good. The surrogate mother is regularly visited at home to make sure everything is going well during the pregnancy. The surrogate undergoes psychological tests before being approved to carry a child and receives psychological counselling during and after the pregnancy.

The pregnancy plan is strict and includes monthly ultrasounds, NC (Nuchal Translucency) and GTT (Growth and Glucose Metabolism) scans as well as prenatal diagnostics.

Cost for surrogacy in Colombia

The price for our surrogacy programme in Colombia starts at 50,000 USD for existing embryos. Prices for guaranteed pregnancy (live birth) start at 65,000 USD. All agency fees included. Price for the guarantee programme includes egg donation. The child will be a Colombian citizen.

It includes ongoing support and follow-up during the process with our coordinators, legal team on site in Colombia and the issuance of the birth certificate.

Surrogacy programmes and cost

  1. Existing embryos: 50,000 USD
  2. Own eggs: 55,000 USD
  3. Single guarantee programme: 65,000 USD
  4. Double guarantee programme (two births, parallel processes): 105,000 USD

What is a guarantee programme?

In all our locations we offer a guarantee programme with egg donation programmes where all costs associated with the process are included. This provides financial security and transparency and thus increases accessibility.

A guarantee programme means that all parts of a surrogacy process, such as egg donation, embryo creation, legal process at the destination, compensation to the surrogate mother including coordination and support, are carried out as many times as necessary until you become parents.

What sets the guarantee programme apart from other programmes is that for other programmes you pay on an ongoing basis for costs incurred if parts of the process need to be repeated.

Egg donation in Colombia

The egg donors come from Colombia and are young women whose health, medical history and habits are evaluated through psychological and medical screening. Screening is done by the clinic and to ensure that she is able to participate in the programme.

Prospective parents are presented with a selection of profiles that match their preferences.  The egg donor’s profile is anonymous and contains detailed information about her medical health, interests, education and includes recent photos.

Legal support in Colombia

We work with attorneys in Colombia who will assist our parents throughout the entire legal process. Services include an agreement between the prospective parents and surrogate mother and the child’s registration with authorities immediately after birth.

The birth certificate will contain the name of the biological father and the name of the surrogate mother. Immediately afterwards, the surrogate mother will sign a legal document waiving all her parental rights. The legal process is expected to take about one month.

HIV and sexually transmitted diseases

Nordic Surrogacy is proud to offer options for couples and single men living with HIV and certain other diseases as well. Prospective parents travel to the clinic in Colombia to provide gametes, where the genetic material is washed and tested before carrying out the IVF process.

The process is very safe and prevents transmission of viruses and diseases to the foetus.