Surrogacy for LGBTQ and single people 🏳️‍🌈

Surrogacy for LGBTQ and single people - Nordic Surrogacy

Nordic Surrogacy was founded to offer surrogacy to everyone – without discrimination. We are proud that our prospective parents come from all walks of life, and we are particularly proud to have created an opportunity for same-sex families to grow across Europe.

Over the years, we have developed several different and unique surrogacy programmes for LGBTQ people, making the parenting dream a reality for gay and lesbian individuals and couples. At the same time, Nordic Surrogacy has been promoting equality in surrogacy since its inception, which has made contributions to legislative changes that allow surrogacy in different countries for everyone – without discrimination.

Changes to legislation in countries such as India and Thailand previously led to an ban on surrogacy for same-sex male couples and singles. Nordic Surrogacy now offers guarantee plans for single men and same-sex couples in the US and Colombia, as well as fertility plans for lesbian couples.

We are aware of the challenges that prospective parents may face, which is why we organize special workshops and seminars for prospective parents as well as exclusive events for same-sex families where we offer professional advising, support and education.

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USA – Surrogacy for same-sex families and single people

Choosing the United States as the surrogate destination gives our prospective parents greater stability and comfort compared with all other countries in the world. After all, the US has led the surrogacy revolution for two decades. Our prospective parents can rest assured that all medical and legal processes are carried out in an utmost professional manner and that Nordic Surrogacy coordinates the entire journey from start to finish. This includes choosing the egg donor, creating the embryos, matching and introduction of the surrogate (digitally), signing all the contracts and, of course, the best possible personal guidance and support throughout the journey until the birth of the child.

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USA – Surrogacy and egg donation for same-sex and single people - Nordic Surrogacy

Twin pregnancy

In addition, same-sex male couples can choose to try for a twin pregnancy, where both fathers each create different embryos with the same egg donor. As a result, the fathers are genetically linked to each child, and both children are then genetically linked to the egg donor. This modern method has proven extremely popular among same-sex couples, but it is important to be aware of the risks associated with twin pregnancies.

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Colombia – our surrogate destination for single-sex male couples and single men

Surrogacy in Colombia is legal and available to same-sex couples looking for a more affordable option.
All IVF procedures, including embryo transfers, will be carried out at a clinic in Bogotá. The clinic is located in one of the best areas of the northern part of the city, in a state-of-the-art care facility that also houses a four-start hotel, which is incredibly practical for prospective parents travelling there from other countries.

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Our surrogate mothers in Colombia

All our surrogate mothers are Colombian women residing in Bogotá. All surrogacy candidates go through a long and rigorous screening process before being accepted into the programme, and they must have given birth to at least one healthy child after an uncomplicated pregnancy.

Egg donors in Colombia

All our egg donors are Colombian women from Bogotá or nearby areas, many of whom are approved and accepted into the programme as high-quality egg donors. They all go through psychological and medical screening, and prospective parents have access to the donor’s genetic profile, medical history, family medical history, education, career history, interest, hobbies and a selection of recent photos.

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