Our surrogacy programmes

Our surrogacy programmes - Nordic Surrogacy

Since its founding in 2016, Nordic Surrogacy has accompanied hundreds of couples and individuals facing involuntary childlessness on their journey to becoming parents. This experience is the foundation of our business and on which we build our surrogacy programmes together with some of the world’s most renowned clinics and partners.

We work with several different destinations, allowing us to offer as many people as possible the opportunity to fulfil the dream of having a child.

Guarantee programme

We have also developed a number of different guarantee programmes to create financial security and accessibility for more people. A guarantee programme means that all parts of a surrogacy process, such as egg donation, embryo creation, embryo screening, legal process at the destination, compensation and insurance to the surrogate mother including coordination and support, are carried out as many times as necessary until you become parents. The programmes were developed to provide financial security and transparency throughout the entire process and so you can track your budget.

Common to all destinations is that surrogacy is legally regulated for all parties involved in the process. Nordic Surrogacy works with a high level of confidentiality, privacy and respect for everyone involved.

Our programmes are designed in collaboration with renowned doctors and state-of-the-art clinics using innovative technology. We have a wide selection of egg donors, IVF with ICSI, carefully matched surrogate mothers, legal expertise, guarantees and insurance, and personalised service and support.

Local representatives

Another advantage of working with Nordic Surrogacy is that we have local representatives in all the countries where we operate. We believe that going through the process in one’s own mother tongue helps provide a sense of security. We also share your experience, as we have all undergone one or more surrogacy processes.


Security, economic awareness and competence are our guiding principles. This means that we offer a high level of flexibility and make it a priority to be available to you, and that we always maintain a solution-oriented approach in the surrogacy process. No two processes are the same!

Contact us today

Contact us to learn more in a no-cost consultation. You are naturally always welcome to visit our office in Stockholm, but meetings can also be conducted by phone or online. Get in touch so we can discuss what works best for you. We usually respond within 24 hours. We look forward to telling you about the process and all the possibilities!

Surrogacy in the United States for everyone

Our surrogacy programme in the United States starts at 131 400 USD, including all agency fees. The surrogacy programmes in the US is open to all: heterosexual, same-sex, couples and singles. This is our best location, with extensive insurance for the surrogate mother and excellent clinics and hospitals. Children born in the United States automatically become American citizens and receive their own passport.

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Surrogacy in Colombia for same-sex couples

Our surrogacy programmes in Colombia start at 50 000 USD if you have existing embryos and 66 500 USD for guaranteed pregnancy and delivery (live birth), including all agency fees. Our surrogacy programme in Colombia is suitable for everyone, providing a unique option for same-sex and unmarried couples or singles looking for a more economical process.

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Surrogacy in Georgia

Our surrogacy programme in Georgia starts at 52 000 USD, including all agency fees. Surrogacy programmes in Georgia are an option for heterosexual couples who have been married for one year or unmarried couples who have been registered at the same address for at least one year. In Georgia there is no requirement for a documented medical reason for involuntary childlessness. We offer programmes using your own embryo, own eggs, or an egg donation guarantee programme.

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Surrogacy in Ukraine for married couples

Because of the war we have currently suspended the programme in Ukraine.
Our surrogacy programme in Ukraine starts at 51,150 USD, including all agency fees. In Ukraine you can become parents if you are a married heterosexual couple. Preconditions for starting a surrogacy process include medical reasons or that multiple IVF attempts have been unsuccessful. Contact us to learn more in a no-cost consultation.

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What do the surrogacy programmes cost?

We strive to keep all costs as low as possible, but the safety and well-being of the surrogate, the baby and the prospective parents must always come first. We only work with the leading clinics, doctors, legal experts and insurance companies. Our costs are among the lowest on the market for comparable services.

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Egg donation in surrogacy

Nordic Surrogacy offers a wide range of egg donors as part of its surrogacy programmes. The donor’s nationality depends on the programme. The prospective parents choose egg donation depending on their chosen programme.

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