Starting the surrogacy process

Starting the surrogacy process - Nordic Surrogacy

( Surrogacy is increasingly becoming an option for starting a family for people who are unable to conceive a child themselves. This guidance is intended to give the reader key information about surrogacy and the relevant legal process in the UK.

The government supports surrogacy as part of the range of assisted conception options. Our view is that surrogacy is a pathway, starting with deciding which surrogacy organisation to work with, deciding which surrogate or intended parent(s) (IP(s)) to work with, reaching an agreement about how things will work, trying to get pregnant, supporting each other through pregnancy and then birth, applying for a parental order to transfer legal parenthood and then helping your child understand the circumstances of their birth. This guidance gives more information about each stage.

  1. Decide if surrogacy is right for you
  2. Decide which surrogacy organisation to work with
  3. Choose a surrogate, IP(s) and egg or sperm donor
  4. Get to know each other and agree a surrogacy arrangement
  5. Conception (fertility clinic)
  6.  Maternity
  7. Birth of child
  8. Transfer of legal parenthood
  9. Support child to understand the circumstance of birth

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