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FAQ about surrogacy - Nordic Surrogacy

During the fair we received a number of questions. Below, you will find answers to general questions that was raised throughout the event.

The fair is aimed at everyone dreaming of starting a family. It serves as a gathering point for involuntary childless and leading fertility experts to explore the possibilities of starting and building a family.

  • Who are Nordic Surrogacy?

Nordic Surrogacy was founded by Eduardo Afonso, who himself had children through surrogacy. His vision was to help the involuntarily childless in the Nordics with the help of surrogacy and egg donation. Over the years, we have made great efforts to change public opinion about surrogacy as a family formation method through conversations with politicians, debate articles and being seen in public contexts.

Nordic Surrogacy helps the involuntarily childless to start a family through egg donation and safe surrogacy processes. Since 2016 we have helped hundreds of children into the world and we are now the leading agency in the Nordic countries. We offer guarantee programs and partner with well-established fertility clinics and lawyers at our destinations.

  •  What is a guarantee program?

A guarantee program is a program with a financial guarantee. If you choose a guarantee program for the surrogacy process at Nordic Surrogacy, all necessary medical steps are included, as many times as necessary, until a child is born.

In guarantee programs, embryos are always created with an egg donor. 

  • We want to start a double guarantee program. Can we plan for the births to be at the same time?

A surrogacy process is in a lot of ways just like any fertility process. This means that there are thing we can not control. One such thing is when a pregnancy will be confirmed. In a double process, we will do our outmost to match you as close together as possible. But there is no guarantee that the stimulations can start at the same time or that the pregnancies will start at the same time.

  • What support does the surrogate have?

The health of the surrogate during pregnancy is always of the highest priority. In addition to the initial and in-depth medical and psychological tests, she undergoes frequent medical check-ups for both herself and the fetus during pregnancy. She also has the opportunity to see a therapist for psychological support if needed. 

  • Can we meet the surrogate throughout the process?

How much and how frequent the contact is depends on which destination you choose. In the US, you will have direct contact with the surrogate throughout the entire journey. The surrogate will be able to provide you updates after medical examinations.

In Colombia and Georgia, Nordic Surrogacy acts as the intermediary due to language and cultural barriers. You will have the possibility to meet the surrogate through out the process for scheduled meetings or keeping in contact through your coordinator. 

  • What citizenship will the baby get?

Which citizenship the child gets depends on the regulations that exist around surrogacy in the country where the surrogacy process is carried out. In some countries the child is born without any citizenship (stateless), and in other countries the child is born with citizenship from the country of birth. In the end, however, after legal process, the child always receives citizenship from the parent’s home country.

  • Why should we choose Nordic Surrogacy?

We bring the entire process into one and the same place. We serve as a broker of surrogacy services, egg donation, insurance for the surrogate and the legal components of the surrogacy process. Nordic Surrogacy gives you access to the most successful clinics in each respective country. Nordic Surrogacy coordinates and follows you through the entire process from start to finish, making everything comfortable and straightforward. 

  • Can children have DNA from the surrogate?

No, the child cannot receive the surrogates DNA in full surrogacy, that is, the egg comes from another woman – either the mother-to-be or an egg donor.

  • Can we use Nordic Surrogacy although we live in Germany?

Yes. Nordic Surrogacy strives to help anyone who wants our help to grow their family. We can coordinate your entire process and have German lawyers to recommend for you to talk to about the legal process after the baby is born.