Merry Christmas and Happy New Year – 2023

Team - Nordic Surrogacy

Thank you for this year!

The year is coming to an end, and we want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for an amazing 2023!

”I started Nordic Surrogacy in 2016 after going through my own surrogacy process abroad. My desire was to help as many people as possible experience the most beautiful thing one can experience – becoming a parent.

I am very grateful and proud of the many intended parents currently in process with Nordic Surrogacy and my colleagues who, together with our partners worldwide, lead and plan the processes. In 2023, Nordic Surrogacy focused on offering safe and smooth processes in our well-established destinations of Georgia, USA, and Colombia, along with our dedicated partners. We also strengthened our relationships with existing partners to further enhance our collaborations and processes. Last but not least, we have recruited several new colleagues across the organization to maintain and improve our service.

Becoming a parent through surrogacy is a process filled with emotions, unforeseen events, and dependency on many dedicated parties and partners. It involves placing significant trust in the hands of others. That trust is something we take very seriously at Nordic Surrogacy and manage with care.

With guidance and commitment from our coordinators and the expertise of our partners, we work every day to guide you through the process towards the goal of having a child 🧡 We want you to focus on becoming parents while we take care of the practical aspects.

Before we look ahead and welcome 2024, I and the team want to share some of the highlights from the past year.

Once again, I want to thank all our intended parents for the incredible trust we have received. Last but not least, I wish you all a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year!”

Eduardo Afonso - Nordic Surrogacy

The joy of sharing the journey to parenthood

One of our most important work is to share information and educate about parenthood through surrogacy and how the process works. Each year, more and more intended parents reach out to us. This year is no exception, and we have initiated more processes and celebrated a record number of births. It is with a great sense of joy that we can once again state that we have helped more new parents than ever during 2023.

Newborn babies through surrogacy  - Nordic Surrogacy

Trusted partnerships at the destinations

During the year, we visited the destinations of Georgia and Colombia. The purpose of these trips was to strengthen and further improve our long-term collaboration with clinics and other partners. It is an important step to continued, improved, and safe processes for intended parents.

Trusted partnerships at the destinations - Nordic Surrogacy

USA – partner visit and training

In October, we invited one of our partners in the USA. We had the opportunity to learn more about surrogacy in the USA under the guidance of Tonya Canaday, who works at the Utah Fertility Center and has been helping intended parents achieve their dream of becoming parents in the USA for over 14 years.

Georgia – New parents and challenges

The past year has been a journey filled with both challenges and joy. After relaunching our destination Georgia in 2022, we had the opportunity to welcome several children into the world this year.

We also faced an unexpected development when Georgia’s prime minister, along with the health minister, announced that international surrogacy might be banned. This news came as a shock to all parties operating in the fertility sector, but a potential legislative proposal has now been postponed.

Despite these trials, our dedication to support and help intended parents is stronger than ever. We look forward to continuing our journey, welcoming new life, and offering support to those dreaming of starting a family.

Charlotte, coordinator in Georgia, shares her thoughts about her journey to the destination: “In June, Emma, our lawyer, and I visited Georgia and met our partners. We experienced firsthand how dedicated all the staff is, and the high medical standard in place to help our intended parents in the best way possible.

The trip was very rewarding for both of us; it’s something special to come to the country and the city where our intended parents will meet their child for the first time. We were both enchanted by the culture, the food, and the people in Tbilisi.”

Babynova – A new milestone with our partner clinic Novafem in Colombia

This year, our partner clinic Novafem in Colombia has expanded and opened a new clinic, Babynova. Babynova not only represents an expansion of Novafem’s operations but also symbolizes the company’s commitment to offering advanced medical care with empathy and care for Intended parents, egg donors, and the hero making it all possible – the woman carrying the child. We look forward to continuing to support intended parents and being a part of creating new life in this new and exciting place.

“The new parents, who just a few days or weeks ago were awaiting updates on their process, now look with pure joy at each other’s children, then share what it’s like to finally have a baby in their lives. It’s incredibly beautiful, touching, and a truly amazing experience!”

Trusted partnerships at the destinations - Nordic Surrogacy

Public opinion and awareness

Spreading knowledge about surrogacy and advocating within the field is another crucial part of what we do. Therefore, we regularly hold our own seminars, webinars, and guest lectures at others’ initiatives to drive awareness and public opinion.


This year, we once again had the great pleasure of being present at PridePark in Stockholm. We met intended parents that want to start a journey and intended parents already on their journey with us. The opportunity of meeting in person is something we value. Our team is growing, and it was fun and rewarding for the entire team.

Paths to Parenthood

This year, we have again participated in a major information campaign about various paths to parenthood, where Nordic Surrogacy represented parenthood through surrogacy. The article featured an interview with Lisa Fredriksson, who works with us at Nordic Surrogacy and has her son, Liam, through surrogacy.

Public opinion and awareness - Nordic Surrogacy

The organization continues to grow

We want to make parenthood accessible and possible for everyone while offering a safe surrogacy process that guides you as an intended parent with clarity and a welcoming personal approach. To help more people, the year has seen a significant expansion for our organization. We have successfully expanded our operations to Portugal, France, and Spain.

Testimonials - Nordic Surrogacy

During the year, we have welcomed seven key members to our team, including two Area Managers to lead our new markets, a Partner Operation Manager to strengthen collaborations and partnerships, an advisor for guidance before a process starts, and two coordinators to ensure we continue to maintain high service and professional coordination for you in the process. We’ve also expanded our legal department with a legal coordinator. This team expansion marks an exciting phase for Nordic Surrogacy, and we look forward to continuing to help create more families even beyond the Nordic borders.

With the recent additions of new team members, we have also expanded beyond our previous office in Stockholm and taken a step to a new, more spacious office. Please book a visit with us if you have the opportunity!

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Expanding our knowledge and Training

Fertility and surrogacy are processes with many dependencies that are constantly changing and developing. Therefore, we focus on continually learning more to improve our service and guidance to intended parents.

At the end of May, we gathered the team for a workshop and training day with Dr. Sven-Eric Olsson, a specialist in gynecology who has researched fertility, and Lars Johansson, head of assisted reproductive technology (ART), to learn more about assisted fertilization.

We would once again like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!