Surrogacy for heterosexual couples in Georgia

Surrogacy for heterosexual couples in Georgia - Nordic SurrogacyBe Parent was established in 2017 on the philosophy that everyone deserves to have a family. The ‘Be Parent’ surrogate team includes women who are already mothers themselves and who are looking to share the joys of parenthood. To find out more, GEORGIA TODAY talked to Naia Adamia, founder of Be Parent.

“It was important for me to build a company that could provide surrogacy options for intended parents worldwide, regardless of their status and without a significant wait time; as many intended parents have already experienced a long delay in starting their family,” she tells us “We have a branch here in Georgia for married heterosexual couples, and others in Cyprus and Mexico for single and same-sex couples. We keep a stable low intended parent to coordinator ratio, in order to provide quality support and responsivity, so that intended parents can participate in their surrogacy journey feeling secure and in real-time.

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