Surrogacy fair for involuntary childless in Berlin – Travel story

Travel story - Nordic Surrogacy

In early March, we were thrilled to travel to Berlin for the fair  ’Wish for a Baby’. We were excited about the opportunity to share more about alternative family formation through surrogacy and about our work at Nordic Surrogacy. Despite our high expectations, they were all exceeded during this memorable weekend!

The fair is aimed at everyone dreaming of starting a family. It serves as a gathering point for involuntary childless and leading fertility experts to explore the possibilities of starting and building a family.

Throughout these inspiring and eventful days, we seized the opportunity to connect with intended parents. The personal encounters, brimming with hope and anticipation, deeply warmed our hearts. ❤️

Travel story - Nordic Surrogacy

Preparations on-site started the day before the fair began. We also took the chance to explore the vibrant city of Berlin. The day ended with a dinner with partners, as we value personal meetings and continuing to strengthen our cooperation and constantly improve the processes.

At 10 am on Saturday, the doors to the fair opened, and the halls were filled with visitors from the start. We were so excited to meet and talk with all the visitors, participate in panel discussions, and hold a seminar on frequently asked questions about surrogacy.

Travel story Berlin - Nordic Surrogacy

First on Saturday’s agenda was a panel debate on surrogacy at different destinations, where our CEO and founder, Eduardo Afonso, participated along with several other surrogacy agencies. All agencies answered questions about how the destinations they collaborate with operate and differ. The venue was packed with an engaged audience taking in all the information.

When the panel discussion ended, we welcomed intended parents to our booth where we provided individualized answers to their questions and offered on-the-spot advice. The rest of the day was followed by meetings and conversations with intended parents about the various options based on their personal circumstances. The road to parenthood is not always easy, so meeting face to face is truly invaluable.

After a long and intense first day, the evening ended with dinner accompanied by our partners from the USA, who also exhibited at the fair. We were a large group that met up at a German restaurant located in central Berlin. It was an evening filled with good food, laughter, and valuable conversations.

Travel story - Nordic Surrogacy

It’s day two, and we were back at the fair with renewed energy. Our partners BeParent from Georgia were also at the fair. We seized the opportunity and, Charlotte, our coordinator for Georgia at Nordic Surrogacy, and Peter, responsible for Partnerships and Operations at Nordic Surrogacy, met up with the team from BeParent for a productive lunch meeting.

The next activity was a seminar held by our advisor Jonas. The topic was: Affordable Surrogacy – Most Asked Questions. The seminar provided insights into our processes and how Nordic Surrogacy can offer a pathway to parenthood for those facing involuntary childlessness. This was, like the panel discussion the day before, a well-attended and successful event.

Travel story - Nordic Surrogacy

The rest of the day, our booth was filled with visitors. Not only with people who had booked appointments but with passing by who wanted to know more. Each meeting and conversation were an opportunity to share knowledge and hope with those longing to become parents. The people we met all had diverse backgrounds and reasons for being at the fair, although they had one thing in common – a desire to become parents.

The journey was ending, and it was time to head back home to Stockholm. It has been a rewarding trip and an honor to be part of the Wish for a Baby fair. Meeting and assisting so many hopeful intended parents has been an unforgettable experience that will stay with us far into the future.

Lastly, we would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who visited us, for the valuable conversations and for the trust you have shown us.

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