Why choose Nordic Surrogacy

Why choose Nordic Surrogacy

Nordic Surrogacy works both locally and globally to change the legal and social landscape with respect to fertility and surrogacy.

Our values and mission

“We want to help involuntarily childless people with a safe surrogacy process based on our own experience of the process, the longing for children and the joy of being a family.”

Anneli, Lisa, Luca and Eduardo – Nordic Surrogacy

Nordic Surrogacy is a leading surrogacy and fertility service provider

Nordic Surrogacy is a leading surrogacy agency and fertility service provider
We offer complete and comprehensive guarantee programmes and accompany you as a prospective parent throughout the process. This is what makes our approach different – we are by your side from start to finish!

We offer guarantee programmes

This means that you stay in the surrogacy process until you become parents. We also offer other programmes, and explain these in greater detail when we meet for consultation.

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We put the prospective parents and surrogate mother first

Our expertise and network are unique and hard to match. Having ourselves experienced the journey you are about to embark on, we are deeply aware of how important it is to be received personally and professionally. We are in daily contact with our clinics and accompany you through every stage of the process. In other words, we are not merely a broker but rather an extension of the clinics. We are here to guide you through a somewhat complex and emotional process in an economically conscious way.

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Safety and security for everyone involved…

– the prospective parents, the surrogate mother and her family. We bring you access to some of the world’s leading fertility clinics. In addition to first-class care for all parties involved, we work exclusively in countries where there is a well-established precedence of legally regulated surrogacy. As our partners are located in several different countries, we can offer a wide range of options for a programme to meet the needs of prospective parents and the legal limitations in each country.

Since a large part of the process is carried out abroad, we offer a complete team to assist you. This includes, for example, doctors, nurses, a coordinator and a local guide, where necessary. In Ukraine you will have a personal, English-speaking coordinator to assist you during your stay and ensure that there is clear communication between the parties. It adds a great sense of reassurance.

We seek to promote equality regardless of sexual orientation

This is one of the fundamental reasons Nordic Surrogacy exists: an equal opportunity for everyone to become a parent. Over the years, we have made great efforts to help transform public opinion on surrogacy as a means of creating a family, in part through dialogue with lawmakers, opinion pieces and through public appearances.

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