Surrogacy in the United States for everyone

Surrogacy in the USA - Nordic Surrogacy

Who is surrogacy in the USA right for?

The surrogacy programme in the USA is open to anyone. Surrogacy processes here are open to heterosexual and same-sex couples and to singles.

In the US there is no requirement for a documented medical reason for involuntary childlessness. Nor is there any requirement for one to be married or in a domestic partnership. We offer programmes involving the mother’s own eggs, egg donation and/or sperm donation, as well as with existing embryos.

Surrogacy in the United States

Surrogacy has long been well established in several states in America.

Fertility clinics are highly experienced in the process and can maintain a close and direct relationship with the surrogate if the intended parents and the surrogate so wish. The child automatically receives American citizenship.

The term surrogate mother is often used in everyday language, but in the US the woman carrying the child is called a surrogate, carrier or gestational carrier in order to make the distinction that the woman carrying the child has no biological connection to the child.

Every journey is unique, and the programme you choose depends on your own personal circumstances and preferences.

Whatever your background, we have many years of experience in assisting, guiding and supporting intended families on their journey to parenthood. The surrogacy process and associated eligibility criteria are subject to regulation for the purpose of safety and security. Which programme you choose depends on your individual preferences and circumstances. Our free introductory consultation will help you make the choice that’s right for you.

Why intended parents choose Nordic Surrogacy for their surrogacy process

As a full-service agency, we will assign you a personal coordinator to guide you through the entire process. We handle the practicalities together with our partners at the destination, and are always there along the way to answer your questions and provide you support. This lets you focus on becoming parents.

We bring you a full-coverage service in all our programmes. Our aim is to make parenthood possible and accessible for everyone. We are always striving to offer competitive prices for comparable services. We have this ability because we work directly with the clinics and with partners for the surrogates, the legalities in the US, client funds management and insurance.
The surrogacy process is safe and secure for all parties involved from both a legal and medical perspective. This applies for the surrogate, the child and the intended parents. Local legal support in the US is included in all programmes.

Surrogates in the USA

The health and well-being of the surrogate are of the highest priority. The surrogate mothers participating in the programmes come from states in the US where surrogacy is legal and regulated.

In the initial stages, the clinic conducts an assessment to ensure that the surrogate meets the eligibility requirements for the programme. In the subsequent matching process, the surrogate and intended parents choose one another based on their respective preferences in the process and after meeting each other.

Once you have been matched, the final part of the medical approval process takes place.  The ongoing treatment and follow-up of the surrogate mothers is done at the clinic. At the time of embryo transfer, the surrogate travels to the clinic and you have direct contact throughout the surrogacy process if you have agreed to this.

Minimum requirements for surrogates in the US are usually that the surrogate:

  • Is within the age range of 21-40 years old
  • Has a financially & socially stable living situation
  • Has undergone one complete pregnancy and uncomplicated delivery
  • Has not had more than three caesarean sections
  • Is free of sexually transmissible infections
  • Is a non-smoker and has not been exposed to second-hand smoke at home or in the workplace
  • Is willing to abstain from alcohol consumption throughout the entire pregnancy
  • Lives in a state where surrogacy is permitted and regulated

Cost for surrogacy in the United States

For our programmes in the USA with associated prices, read more here.

Egg donation with a surrogate in the USA

Egg donation and IVF in the USA are done according to the selected programme, using American egg donors.

Through our select partners, Nordic Surrogacy offers access to some of the largest databases of screened egg donors in the US. This provides access to a broad selection of egg donors. All profiles include extensive information on the egg donors, such as, for example:

  • Reason they have chosen to donate
  • Education and interests
  • Family medical history. There is also the option of a genetic report.

In the US we have also developed a number of different programmes with what is known as a “live birth guarantee” with egg donation, to create financial security and accessibility for more people.

This means that parts of a surrogacy process, such as egg donation, embryo creation, embryo screening, legal process at the destination, including coordination and support, are carried out as many times as necessary until you become parents.

What sets this apart from other programmes is that for other programmes you are subject to charges on a rolling basis for costs incurred if parts of the process need to be repeated.

Legal support for surrogacy in the USA

We work with attorneys in the US who will assist you throughout the entire legal process. Services include an agreement between the intended parents and surrogate mother and the child’s registration with authorities immediately after birth.

Birth is followed by a legal process that ends with the child receiving a US passport with which he or she can enter their home country. The American attorney will assist with this.

Then comes a process for the child to be registered by the local authorities in the country of origin. We guide you as intended parents through the legal steps of becoming a family.

HIV and sexually transmissible diseases in surrogacy in the USA

Nordic Surrogacy is proud to offer options for couples and singles living with HIV or other infectious diseases. Intended parents travel to the clinic in the USA to provide gametes, where the genetic material is washed and tested before carrying out the IVF process. The process is very safe and prevents transmission of viruses and diseases to the foetus and the surrogate.