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Julia born through surrogacy in Ukraine - Nordic Surrogacy

Alexandra and William were Nordic Surrogacy’s first intendent parents in Scandinavia. Now they are the happy parents to Julia born in Kiev, through our surrogacy program in Ukraine. Below are their thoughts about the process.

How did you see your way to the choice of birth through surrogate?

We had been wanting to become parents for many years but had explored other options than surrogacy such as IVF and adoption. When we entered our forties, age ultimately ruled out adoption and a cancer diagnosis seemed to close the door on us. Before forgetting about becoming parents once and for all, we researched further. The timing was good since Nordic Surrogacy was establishing itself. We realized that we could become parents with their help and so another door opened.

What was your biggest challenge for the election of Nordic Surrogacy?

We didn’t want to lose anytime and wanted the best chance of becoming parents as soon as possible. We also wanted to go through the process in the Ukraine due to its proximity to Sweden and reasonable costs. The biggest challenge we faced was finding an egg donor whose profile was a close match to the intended mother and us as the intended parents both agreeing on the selection. We also wanted to be sure that the surrogate would receive the best treatment and support. It was of course important to have an agent based in the Nordics to facilitate communication.

How did you experience the process and our cooperation if you summarize your impressions?

Nordic Surrogacy was the first agent we met and from the start we felt that we could trust them, that they have the mix of values of being open, honest and ethical, as well as wanting to form a supportive relationship with the intended parents. We met with some other agents, but we kept on coming back to Nordic Surrogacy due to the mix of values we felt.

During the process we were always told of the timeframe we found ourselves in and the next steps. Nordic Surrogacy always updated us as soon as there was any news which proved invaluable during the later stages of the pregnancy. When there were setbacks such as negative pregnancy test results, we were kept motivated to keep on trying.

What has been most valuable of what we have been able to provide?

Knowledge of the process, legal support and access to the best clinics and medical care in Ukraine. If we wanted any feedback from the medical experts in Kiev, this was arranged. We were fully satisfied with the expertise, professionalism, advice and support given at all times by the reproductive medicine clinic and the maternity hospital which were both world class. Our daughter was born 9 weeks premature, but we can honestly say that we would not have expected to have received better care for her and the surrogate anywhere else than at the hospital Nordic Surrogacy worked with in Kiev. She was born and cared for in the right place.

We were also put in contact with other couples going through the same process, which was very supportive, made for a sociable time in Kiev and has led to some great friendships.

What is perhaps most valuable is that Nordic Surrogacy made our daughter and for us to become her parents possible. Maybe we could have gone through this process on our own, but it would have taken longer and have had greater risk, would have been stressful and it could have involved clinics and hospitals which were not as professional and caring as those we encountered. Nordic Surrogacy surrounded us with the best resources available to ensure success.

Is there anything else you want to tell?

Despite being born 9 weeks premature, our daughter is today a very healthy and happy 15-month-old child. Thanks to all the support we received, spending ten weeks in Kiev was actually a very happy and memorable time.

William and Alexandra, Sweden.


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