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My Surrogacy Journey - Testimonials - Nordic Surrogacy

Family stories from surrogate processes, parents describe in their own words

Our intended parents have all had different journeys before turning to surrogacy, and even then the surrogacy journey is different for everyone. Here, both intended parents and new parents describe in their own words their experiences based on where they are in the process.

In some cases they have chosen to remain anonymous while others have chosen to introduce themselves by name, place of residence and even perhaps a picture. What they all have in common is that, just like you, they all had a longing for a family. New family stories are published as our parents feel ready to tell their story.

”I realized that this was the best decision I could have made.”

”Today that I had the opportunity to meet the father of the baby. I realised that this was the best decision I could have made and I feel very happy to know that the baby will have a family that will give him a lot of love. I am very happy because God gave me the opportunity to give a family to a person who really deserves it. All this was also possible thanks to all of you who can make people’s dreams come true. Many, many thanks for everything.”

– Surrogate mother in Colombia

“Let go of control and let it happen. Trust in the process.”

– New parents who recently returned home with their child after going through the process in Colombia

“We just want to say a big thank you for EVERYTHING you did for us throughout the process”

My Surrogacy Journey - Lou -Testimonials - Nordic Surrogacy

“The work you are doing is worth gold, and we have never been anything but entirely satisfied with you – as soon as we start thinking of siblings there is not doubt we will be coming back to Nordic Surrogacy! You have been extremely professional but maintained a personal touch, and that is something we have appreciated very much along the way. Without you, we wouldn’t be sitting here on the couch now with our little boy, so we just can’t thank you enough. We hope to meet face to face and introduce you to our little son this summer when we are passing through Stockholm. Huge hugs!”

– Maya and Dennis, parents of a boy born in March 2022

”Great service”

”The clinic, everything was very professional and ran smoothly. In and out really. Salome from the clinic is very great, she offers the same professionalism and great service as you do with Nordic Surrogacy”

– Intended parents from Sweden in process in Georgia

“For any considering surrogacy, we can highly recommend Nordic Surrogacy”

“Many thanks to everyone who helped us in our journey to parenthood.
Thank you!”

– Danish couple

“It’s reassuring to have an agency there to help”

“We knew from the start that it would be a lot, both emotionally and in terms of formalities. Emotions go up and down, joy and anxiousness mixed together.

There are many documents to read, approve and sign. All in a language you master to an extent but not 100%.

It gives you a sense of security to have an agency that can help with both the little things and the big, an agency that speaks the same language we do and most importantly, that they know how things work in Sweden”.

– Maria & Mattias, Sweden

“Nordic Surrogacy has been there for us the entire way”

“The path to having children via surrogacy has been easier than we initially thought. Nordic Surrogacy’s excellent process of matching surrogate mothers and prospective parents makes it possible for you to find one you actually want and with whom cooperation will be optimal.

We chose Nordic Surrogacy based simply on our gut feeling and the good reputation they have earned from previous parents who have used them. Nordic Surrogacy has been there for us the entire way We have received replies to emails within a day or two and have never felt anything happen that we weren’t prepared for.

The way we have been received has been a pleasant surprise. Now we are sitting here with two fantastic babies in our lap, so we couldn’t ask for more :D”

– Norwegian couple

“It has gone really smoothly”

“We didn’t know much and were a bit lost as to how to go about having a baby until we contacted Nordic Surrogacy, and then everything slowly started to fall into place. We knew another gay couple who did it via Mexico. But after a little research the choice was obvious. It has gone really smoothly, step by step. There is a lot of expectation, which we were prepared for.

Good contact, the trip to Albania exceeded expectations, professional, we felt seen and that this time it would be for real 🙂 We feel that since we have never been through this before, it just feels good, email contact is important and works great, and the personal meeting was also really great.”

– Edwin & Henrik, Sweden

“It’s highly personal”

“Our journey began with a check-up at the Reproductive Medicine Centre to see if it would be possible for us to get pregnant. Unfortunately, this was not an option because of damage following cancer treatment. At the clinic we were informed that there were other alternatives, such as adoption or surrogacy. Because our desire for a newborn baby was very strong, we didn’t consider adoption very much but instead looked further into surrogacy.

We got in touch with a couple who had gone through a surrogacy process themselves. They did this on their own without an agency. We looked at this option at first, but felt a lot of uncertainty about being able to manage all the little details on our own. We Googled a bit and found a Swedish agency that could help, and here we are. It’s felt very good so far. Nordic Surrogacy is a large organisation but doesn’t feel like one.

It has a very personal feel since you speak with them directly and not through someone in reception. You can email 24 hours a day and receive very rapid responses. What you’re going through is so big, and you have to put everything in someone else’s hands. Really feels like you can do this with Nordic Surrogacy. It has also been valuable to hear your personal stories. These stories make it possible to recognize what you yourself are going through, and feel that it is true, someone has really been through this.”

– Intended parents, Sweden (process ongoing)

“Thank you”

“My family and I thank all of you who helped us in this somewhat long journey. Eduardo and Jenny, we look forward to meeting you soon to give you a huge hug.”

– N & R

“The meeting with our surrogate mother felt really good”

“We feel comfortable with the process and our meeting with our surrogate felt really good. Same for the clinic- beautiful.

So grateful to everyone at the clinic, they have been extremely pleasant and supportive. ”

– Intended parents, Sweden (process ongoing)

”Nordic Surrogacy surrounded us with the best resources available”

My surrogacy journey - Julia born through surrogacy in Ukraine - Nordic Surrogacy

Alexandra and William were Nordic Surrogacy’s first intendent parents in Scandinavia. Now they are the happy parents to Julia born in Kiev, through our surrogacy programme in Ukraine. Below are their thoughts about the process.

What has been most valuable of what we have been able to provide?

”Knowledge of the process, legal support and access to the best clinics and medical care in Ukraine. If we wanted any feedback from the medical experts in Kiev, this was arranged. We were fully satisfied with the expertise, professionalism, advice and support given at all times by the reproductive medicine clinic and the maternity hospital which were both world class. Our daughter was born 9 weeks premature, but we can honestly say that we would not have expected to have received better care for her and the surrogate anywhere else than at the hospital Nordic Surrogacy worked with in Kiev. She was born and cared for in the right place.

We were also put in contact with other couples going through the same process, which was very supportive, made for a sociable time in Kiev and has led to some great friendships.

What is perhaps most valuable is that Nordic Surrogacy made our daughter and for us to become her parents possible. Maybe we could have gone through this process on our own, but it would have taken longer and have had greater risk, would have been stressful and it could have involved clinics and hospitals which were not as professional and caring as those we encountered. Nordic Surrogacy surrounded us with the best resources available to ensure success.”

Read the whole story

– William and Alexandra, Sweden

“Thank you”

“Thank you for the work you are doing :)”

– L & R In Norway

”Incredibly grateful!”

”No words can describe the wonderful gift you are giving us, and we want you to know that we are incredibly grateful!”

– Norwegian family

“Reassuring and professional”

“You make everything fall into place in a reassuring, clear and professional way.”

– Couple from Sweden

“Wonderful person!”

“We were taken care of by an absolutely wonderful person! Dr. Aytug in Albania has really found a gem! She is knowledgeable professional who is friendly and dependable!”

– Johan & Patrik, Sweden

“A fantastic journey, magical!”

“We had a fantastic journey, it was magical. The tears were flowing during the ultrasound.

We were very well taken care of, Alina is so kind and caring.”

– Frida & Richard, Sweden

” So far we have only had positive experiences here”

“The clinic looks really nice and the staff is super friendly and helpful. We are so happy that we went here and saw the clinic, we feel very well taken care of”

– Intended parents from Danmark in process in Colombia

“We are so happy to be going forward with this process”

“We are not impatient, it will take the time it takes. It feels abstract but unbelievable exciting at the same time. Because children have a way of combining the fantastically grandiose with the acutely mundane, and our everyday life marches forward here while you help us with miracles.”

– Intended parents in Ukraine

“It’s hugely appreciated and feels reassuring to have Ingegärd there.”

“We are already lost in thoughts about formula, diapers and baby carriers!”

– Intended parents in Colombia

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